Jumat, 23 Oktober 2009

New Fancy Keyboard for PC


If you were wondering why we have a "Keyboards" subcategory under "Computers", it's for the likes of this quirky new gadget from New Standards Keyboard.

Believing that the QWERTY keyboard is flawed, as is the increasingly popular DVORAK alternative, they've set about creating a Technicolor version which wouldn't look out of place in a child's playroom.

Firstly, I've never seen so many colours on a keyboard. Green, red, pink, light blue, dark blue, yellow, and orange combine with almost as ghastly consequences as when you try to type with it. At least, as bad as PC Pro's attempts at typing on these keys.

The keys are arranged in alphabetical order, but in two sections, with the arrow keys stuffed in the middle, and two small "Space buttons" instead of a Space Bar.

On average it took staff at PC Pro over four times longer to type the classic "quick brown fox" phrase on the NSK device than it did on a standard QWERTY interface. Leaving aside the obvious familiarity with the QWERTY layout, I don't think NSK will be setting "new standards for user-friendliness and efficiency" any time soon.


Liverpool versus United: It will be war

Don't let Liverpool's form fool you.

I think Liverpool have got a chance to get a result against Manchester United this weekend.

You know what Liverpool and their fans are like at Anfield. They will be up for it. It will be war.

Win their next game against the league leaders and Liverpool will be back in the title race. It's madness.

Liverpool are not a two-man team. What's worrying for me is they are a three-man team.

Up against Sunderland, Liverpool didn't have Fernando Torres or Steven Gerrard. Neither did they have Javier Mascherano in their starting lineup. People tend to forget about Mascherano.

That midfield was very lightweight. Liverpool fielded a second-rate team and they simply lost to Sunderland. The defeats show how weak their strength-in-depth is.

I can only be confident of Liverpool winning games when Gerrard and Torres are fit. Without either, it will always be difficult to win.

However, I still feel that if Liverpool play their first team, they are stronger than even Arsenal. The problem comes when you have a great first-eleven and then you are worried about the fitness of the players.

When injuries or suspensions come in, you find out your second-string players are just not good enough to replace the first-teamers.

That's the problem facing Liverpool at the moment.

Manchester United also played poorly against Bolton. Although they got all three points, United were not firing on all cylinders.

Bolton deserved to grab at least a draw at Old Trafford. United also struggled in the match against Sunderland, who played a good game and should've got more than a point at United.

Steve Bruce has done well at the Stadium of Light and spent wisely in the transfer market.

I think it's a much more open Premier League this season. We have said this often, but this season has been more open than ever before.

What Mark Hughes said was partly right. The top half of the table is getting ever more competitive and the Big Four are expected to drop more points from now until the end of the season.

Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United will not have easy games any more.

I dare say that since Manchester City can afford to compete with the big boys in the transfer market, they can also compete in the league.

City for their part did well to collect a draw at Wigan. And we all know how Wigan ended Chelsea's 100 percent start to the league.

So it proves these games are now not easy. There are no easy three points in the Premier League any more.

Aston Villa were impressive in their win over Chelsea. Not only did they beat Liverpool at Anfield, they have now beaten Chelsea.

Chelsea's defence has not been at its best and has been switching off at crucial times, losing concentration.

It's not just down to John Terry and Ricardo Carvalho; it's just awful defending from everyone.

It's quite a shock to see Chelsea defend so sloppily against corners, and if it had been Liverpool, they would have been hammered Villa.

I think you shouldn't find excuses whenever teams lose after international breaks or European games.

You have a squad to choose players from and you have to change things up to use them efficiently - that's the art of good management.


Real Estate Expo 2009

Venue: Jakarta Convention Center - Date: Sat, 10/24/2009 - Sun, 11/01/2009

Real Estate Expo 2009 is an annual event by the Indonesian Real Estates Association (REI). This exhibition exhibits residential and commercial property projects, mostly in Greater Jakarta area.



Skywatcher: An astronomer observes the Orionids at an observatory near the village of Avren east of the Bulgarian capital Sofia. The Orionid meteor shower occurs each year as a result of Earth passing through cosmic dust released by Halley's Comet. The radiant of the Orionids is located near the constellation Orion. AP/Petar PetrovAn astronomer observes the Orionids at an observatory near the village of Avren east of the Bulgarian capital Sofia. The Orionid meteor shower occurs each year as a result of Earth passing through cosmic dust released by Halley's Comet. The radiant of the Orionids is located near the constellation Orion. AP/Petar Petrov


Kuburan Band

A horse with a vocalist on its back, pocong (zombies wrapped in white cloth), faces covered in fake blood and the sound of rock music filled the campus hall.

Such sights are not uncommon when Kuburan performed at universities in Bandung, West Java's student city, early in 2000.

"The campus crowd was incomparable to anything. It always made us think hard about what kind of attraction we should bring next; what jokes we should throw to the audience, and what songs would entertain them," Donny of Kuburan said in an interview recently.

Kuburan (literally meaning graveyard) was set up in 2001, and the former campus band is now one of Indonesia's best-known bands, with two albums to its name.

Their latest album, Booming, be are the kill young pen think gun thank (read as booming, biar dekil yang penting ganteng - meaning Booming, you're filthy but handsome), was released this year, with its first single, "Lupa-lupa tapi ingat" (Forget, but still remember). Their first album was released in 2006, titled Greatest Hits Vol.2.

The six-piece band comprises Priya Ariopanji on vocals, Isdinto "Dino" Madi on drums, Denny Rahmat Ramdani on bass, Raka Auliantara, rhythm guitar, Donny A. Raymuzada, solo guitar, and Muhamad Rizki Maulana (Udhe) on the keyboard.

Since 2001, the band has been through several shake-ups, with the most recent six members confirmed one week before Kuburan recorded their second album.

Besides their attractive stage performances, it is also interesting to see the faces behind the joker makeup, worn consistently while on stage.

"We always put on makeup. It's one of our principles; it's like the separation between our professional and personal lives," Denny said.

"There was this funny moment. During a sound-check for an event, Dino and I took a break. As many don't know our real faces, a worker spotted us and told us to work like other workers preparing for the event, and we did what we were told. Stupid us!" Priya said.

Their bizarre performances not only included make up. Kuburan was also known for often singing cover versions of Indonesian songs - especially old rock songs such as Edane and Inka Christie - during their journey.

"We sing songs that probably only we and the original singers sing," said Dino, followed by a roar of laughter.

However, Donny added, the more attractive and bizarre they were, the more offers to perform they got.

"Performing at campus events for several years taught us some valuable lessons. We're not nervous facing bigger crowds. From no crowd, to passive ones, to brutal audiences complete with brawls - we've experienced them all," he said.

Talking their first gigs brought back memories of college, struggling between school and band. Donny mentioned how they had to promise their parents that they would keep studying while performing their music, and finding ways to finish their final theses quickly, before being expelled.

All members of the band except Priya completed their tertiary studies in Bandung.

"I've taken leave from my studies because I couldn't keep up with them. I miss it, though, and hope I can go back soon," said Priya, who should have been in his second year.

University degrees in hand, and having successfully topped the national charts, Kuburan is now setting their sights on winning awards.

"Once we've done that - which will be soon, we hope - we want to go international, and to other planets," Dino said jokingly.

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