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Is Indonesia ...The Atlantis of Lost City ???

Legend tells of "Atlantis", was first found in ancient Greek philosophy essay: Two notes of dialogue Plato (427-347 BC) ie: book Critias and Timaeus. In the book Timaeus, Plato's story: In front of Mainstay Haigelisi Strait, there is a very large island, from there you can go to another island, in front of the islands is completely surrounded by land sea ocean, it is the kingdom of Atlantis .

When the new Atlantis will launch a major war with Athens, but Atlantis sudden unexpected onset of earthquakes and floods, not until one night, completely Submerged under the sea. Large country that has a high civilization Itupun Vanished overnight. One part of the book Critias dialogue, recorded Atlantis story told by younger cousin Critias. Critias was a pupil of the philosopher Socrates, three times he emphasizes the existence of Atlantis in the dialogue.

  The story comes from oral stories of ancestors man Joepe Critias, while Joepe also heard from a Greek poet named Solon (639-559 BC). Solon was the wisest among 7 mahabijak ancient Greece, a time when Solon around Egypt, from the Ancestral tomb shrine to know the legend of Atlantis. Note in the dialog, an outline like the following:

There is a huge continent in the Atlantic Ocean west of the Mediterranean so far, is proud of the remarkable civilization. He produced innumerable gold and silver: the palace is surrounded by walls lined with gold and silver walls. Masonry walls in the palace bertakhtakan gold, brilliant and magnificent. There, the level of development of civilization, amazing people.

Having ports and ships with perfect equipment, there are also things that can bring people to fly. Power is not only limited in Europe, even reaching as far as the African mainland. After the devastating earthquake, Drown it to the seabed and its civilization, is also lost in people's memories.

Atlantis was described as the progress of civilization with high technology. That said, Aircraft, Air conditioners, batteries, etc.. .. .. existed at that time. According to Plato's version of the calculation, when the sinking of the kingdom of Atlantis, about 11.150 years ago. Plato has several times said, the state of the kingdom of Atlantis is told down through the generations. Hardly rekaannya own. Plato went to Egypt and even get directions famous local Monks and the Monks at that time. Socrates, Plato the teacher when he talked about the kingdom of Atlantis also stressed, because it is real, worth far more powerful than Fabricated stories.

If all Expressed Plato was indeed real, then since 12.000 years ago, human civilization has created. But where is the kingdom of Atlantis? Since thousands of years ago the people are interested very much against this. Until the 20th century since 1960, Bermuda sea located in the western Atlantic Ocean, the islands of the Bahamas, and the sea around the islands of Florida has found a row that shook the world wonders.

Archaeological Bukti2 ... ...
* One day in 1968, around the Bimini Islands, the Atlantic Ocean at the Mansions of the Bahamas Islands, the sea calm and clear like a glass of bright, transparent to the seabed. Some of the divers on the way back to the islands of Bimini, suddenly there was a scream in surprise. On the seabed there is a great way! Some divers plunged downward simultaneously, there was a big road stretches composed of huge stones. It is a major road built with rectangular stones and polygons, the rock size and thickness are not the same, but its composition is very neat, bright konturnya. Is this a postal road kingdom of Atlantis?

* In early '70s, a group of researchers has arrived at around Yasuel islands, Atlantic Ocean. They have taken the core of rock by drilling at a depth of 800 meters on the seabed, the scientific expression, the place was really a land of 12.000 years ago. Conclusions drawn on the basis of science technology, so similar as described Plato! However, if this where the sinking of the kingdom of Atlantis?

* In 1974, a marine vessel Observers Soviet Union have made the 8 sheets of photo if abstracted to form a masterpiece of ancient building human! Was this built by the people of Atlantis?

* In 1979, the American and French scientists with a device very sophisticated instruments to find the pyramid on the seabed "triangle of death" Bermuda sea. Long pyramid approximately 300 meters, height about 200 meters, the top of the pyramid with the ocean surface to within 100 meters, higher than the pyramids of Egypt. The bottom of the pyramid there are two giant holes, sea water flows with amazing speed in the bottom of the hole.

This great pyramid, is built by the people of Atlantis? Atlanta royal army had conquered Egypt, whether the person bringing civilization of Atlantis to the pyramids of Egypt? American continent are also pyramid, whether derived from Egypt or from the kingdom of Atlantis?

* In 1985, two Norwegian sailors discovered an ancient city beneath the sea area "triangle of death". In photographs made by them both, there is plain, the highway and the vertical and horizontal tunnel, dome-roofed house, arena complaint (animals), temples, etc. riverbanks. They both said: "Absolute trust, which we found was the Atlantic Continent! Exactly as Plato described," Is it true?

Unfortunately, the pyramids Bermuda triangle seabed, successfully investigated from above sea level using sophisticated instruments, until now no one scientist can determine if a building is actually constructed by human labor, because it might be an underwater mountain that pyramid-shaped.

Photo Relics of ancient buildings in the sea floor taken Russian expedition team, also can not prove there was the former kingdom of Atlantis. After that there was an expedition team to dive into the ocean floor at the base of the stone path to the Atlantic island of Bimini, take a sample of "street rock" and conducted laboratory research and analysis. The results showed, that the way this stone has not reached the age of 10.000 years. If the road is made by the kingdom of Atlantis, at least not less than 10.000 years.

Regarding photographs indicated that the two Norwegian sailors, until now one can not prove anything. The only conclusion that can be obtained exactly is true there is a land that sank in the Atlantic seabed. If it is true in the Atlantic ocean kingdom of Atlantis ever existed, and indeed the kingdom of Atlantis sank in the Atlantic sea floor, then at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean can be found in the marks. Until now, the kingdom of Atlantis remained a mystery throughout the ages.

Been around 2003 years ago, watching a show on Metro TV that the title Ultimate 10, at the time discussing the 10 Most Mysterious Places in the World, and Atlantis was sitting in the first place in the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle and Loch Lake. From there I just Knew, klo Atlantis's Mysterious Places nombor one that makes the people in the world half-dead curiosity. At the time of delivery of Atlantis, played a movie about the tracking dokumenteri the lost continent by the team of archaeologists.

And indeed, from what I see based on the Caribbean sea in shallow waters such that the path is very long with a very modern structure. In addition, they will also diperairan found traces of such buildings have been destroyed! that Atlantis really existed before??
lo be able to cope

Except Atlantis, there are still the same civilization that allegedly suffered the same fate of Atlantis. Lemuria or Mu is an ancient civilization emerged reply before civilization of Atlantis. The researchers put the era of civilization of Lemuria period is around 75.000 BC - 11.000 BC. If viewed from this period, the Nation of Atlantis and Lemuria have been living together for thousands of years. The idea of Lemuria continent than the first civilization of Atlantis existed and Ancient Egypt can be obtained descriptions of the work of Le Plongeon Augustus (1826-1908), a researcher and writer at -19 th century that a study of ancient Relics situs2 Nations in Yucatan Maya.

This information is obtained after a few sheets of success to translate ancient Maya heritage Nation records. Of the translation results, obtained some information that Indicates the result that the nation of Lemuria were older than their Ancestral civilization (Atlantis). But say also, that they have lived in the same period of time, before an earthquake and flood-meluluh terrible lantahkan and Drowned two advanced civilizations of the past is.

Until now, the location of the continent of Lemuria in the past remain a controversy, but based on Archaeological Evidence and some theory advanced by the researchers, these civilizations are likely located in the Pacific Ocean (Indonesia around now). Many archaeologists believe that Easter Island or the mysterious Easter Island is part of the continent of Lemuria. This is when viewed from the hundreds of Colossal stone statues that circled the island and some ancient records engraving on some artifacts that refers to the legacy of the former advanced civilizations in the past.

Hereditary mythology of the Maori and Samoan who settled on islands around the Pacific Ocean dahlulu also mentioned that once upon a time there was a great big land in the Pacific that are destroyed by tidal waves buffeted by sea water indignation (tsunami), but not before they had destroyed the nation first result of war. Lemuria own situation described is very similar to the civilization of Atlantis, has fertile soil, a prosperous society and the mastery of several branches of science are profound.

These factors must be an essential foundation for the nation of Lemuria to grow rapidly into an advanced civilization and have a lot of experts or scientists who can create a new trobosan in Science and Technology them. As often raised by some spiritual and Archaeological experts, that the Lemurian and Atlantean crystal intensive use in their lives.

Edgar Cayce, an American Spiritualist psychic science through repeatedly express the same thing. The temples of Lemuria and Atlantis placing a giant generator, crystal crystals surrounded by others, either as a source of strength and healing to many. A lot of info about Atlantis and Lemuria obtained by channel to the crystals 'old soul' who had used this on both days. Some of the mysterious stone monument was found in the waters of Yonaguni, Japan. Is it possible that Monuments are the remains of the civilization of Lemuria?

However, unlike the more people rely on Atlantis physical, technological and warlike nation of Lemuria actually believed to be human beings with the level of spiritual evolution and a high, very peaceful and moral. According to Edgar Cayce, The Emergence of a civilization of Atlantis as a super power at that time (if the United States is now similar to that) makes them eager to conquer the nations of the world, including Greece and Lemuria are regarded by the Atlantean as a powerful civilization.

Armed with a sophisticated war equipment and a good war strategy, invansi Atlantis to Lemuria went as expected. Because of the nature of the Lemurian upholds the concept of peace, they are not equipped with sophisticated technology, the Atlantean war, so that in an instant, Lemuria fell into the hands of Atlantis. The Lemurian who are in desperate condition, left many ahirnya earth to find a new residence on another planet that has characteristics similar to Earth, their presence may present unknown (some say this time they lived on Planet Erra / Terra digugus Pleiades star).

Perhaps the story of the Lemurian who left Earth to settle on other planets is a bit far-fetched, but we need to know that their technology was very advanced, mastery of outer space exploration technologies may be they have realisasikan in advance. Of course, the same technology in this era of our civilization, have not matched with Advances in technology they created. From the bits of the story described, can draw the conclusion that the Lemurian is not destroyed by earthquake and flood, as experienced by the Atlantean, but because peranglah which makes some of their losses.

Meanwhile, since his defeat by the nation of Atlantis, Lemuria territory controlled automatically by the Atlantean, ahirnya land until it was hit by a very terrible disaster which then sink it with some other land, including Atlantis itself.

  By Prof. Dr. H. Priyatna ABDURRASYID, Ph.D.
  Successive natural Experienced MUSIBAH Indonesia. Starting from the tsunami in Aceh to the latest hot Mudflow in East Java. It Reminds us of similar incidents in the area known as the continent of Atlantis. Is there a relationship between Indonesia and Atlantis?

Plato (427 to 347 BC) stated that TENS of thousands of years ago there was a variety of volcanic eruptions in Unison, causing earthquakes, melting ice, and flooding. The incident resulted in some of the earth's surface to sink. That part is called the lost continent of Atlantis or.

Recent research conducted by Aryso Santos, asserted that Atlantis was the region now called Indonesia. After doing research for 30 years, he produced a book of Atlantis, The Lost Continent Finally Found, The Definitifve Localization of Plato's Lost Civilization (2005). Santos shows 33 comparisons, such as area, climate, natural resources, volcanoes, and the way of farming, which ultimately concluded that Atlantis is Indonesia. System terasisasi Indonesian-style rice, he says, is the form adopted by the Borobudur Temple, Pyramids in Egypt, and ancient buildings Aztecs in Mexico.

Indonesian context
It's no coincidence when Indonesia in 1958, the idea of Prof. Dr. Mochtar Kusumaatmadja through Law no. 4 regulation in 1960, sparked the Declaration Djoeanda. That the contents of the Inland waters of Indonesia with an archipelagic territorial integrity. The fact was later recognized by the International Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982. Research refers Santos, in the TENS of thousands of years ago the territory of Indonesia is a unified continent. Not broken in the TENS of thousands of islands as now.

Santos determined that in the past that Atlantis was a continent that stretches from southern India, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, continued eastward to Indonesia (now) as its center. In the region there are dozens of active volcanoes and surrounded by ocean which is one called Orientale, consisting of the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

Plato's theory explains that the continent of Atlantis was destroyed by the eruption of volcanoes erupting simultaneously. At that time most of the world is still covered by layers of ice (Pleistocene era). With the outbreak of dozens of the same volcano that most of Indonesia is located in the region (first), then some of Drown the continent and covered by the water comes from melting ice.

Among the eruption in southern India Meru and Mount Semeru / Sumeru / Mahameru in East Java. Then volcanic eruptions that formed Sumatra, Lake Toba with Somasir island, which is the top of the mountain that erupted at that time. The most powerful eruption in the future is a mountain of Krakatoa (Krakatoa), which ***** ah parts of Sumatra and Java, and others and formed a plateau of Sunda Strait.

Atlantis comes from the Sanskrit Atala, which means heaven or observation tower (watch tower), Atalaia (Portuguese), Atalaya (Spanish). Plato asserts that the area at the time Atlantis was the center of world civilization in the form of culture, natural resources, science / technology, and others. Decided that Plato's Atlantis was located in the Atlantic Ocean now. In his time, he insisted that the earth is flat and surrounded by an ocean (ocean) as a whole.

Ocean comes from the Sanskrit word which means around ashayana overalls. Opinion was later challenged by experts in the future such as Copernicus, Galilei, Galileo, Einstein and Stephen Hawking.
Santos is different from Plato about the location of Atlantis. Brazil's scientists argue, that at the time of the eruption of the volcano, causing the ice melts and flows into the ocean so that the extent of increase. Water and mud came from the ashes of the volcano and the ocean bottom Burden, resulting in tremendous pressure to the skin of the earth at the bottom of the ocean, especially in continental coast. This pressure resulted in an earthquake. The earthquake was reinforced by the mountains which later erupted in quick succession and led to a massive tsunami waves. Santos called Heinrich Events.

In an attempt to base an opinion to the history of the world, looking Plato had made two mistakes, first of shape / position of the earth which he said flatly. Second, the location of Atlantis is said to be in the Atlantic Ocean which is opposed by Santos. United States military research on the Atlantic proved to be able to find traces of the lost continent. It is not arbitrary is Proverb that says, "Amicus Plato, sed magical amica veritas." Means, "I am pleased to Plato, but I prefer the truth."

However, there are circumstances present that between Plato and Santos agreed. Namely first, that the location of the Submerged continent of Atlantis and it was confirmed by Santos as the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. Second, the number or length of the chain of volcanoes in Indonesia. Of these is Kerinci, Talang, Krakatoa, Malabar, Galunggung, Pangrango, Merapi, Merbapu, Semeru, Bromo, the Great, Rinjani. Some of the mountain has been or is active again.

Third, the Mudflow problems due to volcanic eruptions that his ashes be mixed with sea water mud. In marine sediment is then absorbed into the ground on the mainland. This hot mud mixed with natural gas which is impossible barrier of mud (mud barriers that can not be passed), or in navigable (not passable), can not be penetrated or entered.

In the case in Sidoarjo, never done remote sensing, remote sensing, which shows the existence of canalization system in the region. There is the possibility that the former distribution of hot canalization Mudflow from the past.

Writer, Director of Honor the International Institute of Space Law (IISL), Paris-France

So the fact Indonesia is the region of an Heir of Atlantis, would have to make us grateful. Keep us humble in international affairs, because at the time Atlantis was the center of the world civilization. But as the disaster-prone areas, as has been experienced by Atlantis that, it's time we learn from history and take advantage of the latest scientific developments to be able to cope

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