Jumat, 06 November 2009

FORMULA 1: Brawn, Williams, and Toyota Not Break Rules

Formula 1 race Supervisors rejected a protest filed by the team Red Bull, Renault, and Ferrari related legality rear diffuser size Brawn team Grand Prix, Toyota and Williams. Thus, Brawn Grand Prix, Toyota, and Williams could follow the opening race of Formula 1 series in 2009, Australian Grand Prix, at Albert Park Circuit, Melbourne, Australia, Sunday (29 / 3).

The decision was issued after consideration during the trial at Albert Park, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) said not receive protest Red Bull, Renault, and Ferrari's constructors championship which is the last season. However, the three teams immediately pledged to appeal. FIA spokesperson said, it will be resolved on appeal in Paris after the completion of the Malaysian Grand Prix, beginning next month.

"Following lengthy discussions with various stakeholders, regulatory competition ensures their belief that the cars were legal," the FIA statement.

Williams, Toyota, and Brawn will compete in Australia and Malaysia with the design of their current cars, but with concern that all the points that they can be removed if the appeal stronghold Red Bull, Renault, and Ferrari is granted.

New F1 rules limit the size of the diffuser. The team stated that protest, Williams, Toyota, and Brawn to outsmart the rules by using a design on the back of the car associated with the diffuser which increases the size of the diffuser. This tool is on the back of a car that serves to increase downforce, helping speed, turning, and the smooth performance of the car.

Brawn Grand Prix, which is the reincarnation of the Honda team who resigned, becoming the fastest in tests with the car pramusim of the 10 other teams believed to be illegal. However, these newcomers team said they were fully followed the 2009 regulation of the car.

Team Toyota and Williams team-engined Toyota faced the same problem with Brawn Grand Prix, the charge to produce a new car with a diffuser at the rear of the innovative, but suspicious.

"Of course, when coming here, we feel that we are not violating diffuser regulatory and supervisory race matching view," Brawn said the owner of the GP, Ross Brawn. "We respect our competitors the right to oppose the opinion of the FIA technique and our opinions, but of course supervisor race familiar with our reasons and we confirm that the diffuser completely legal," said Brawn.

Controversy about diffuser design that lasted for weeks and berpekan-McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh, worried that the whole issue will overshadow one of the most exciting F1 seasons in years past. "Sadly, many columns (on paper) this week will be filled with controversy about it and it could easily become a fierce argument," he said.

Whitmarsh said McLaren, a team that overshadow world champion Lewis Hamilton, is also an important clarification needs to make their cars quickly added after stumbling during pramusim tests. If the final decision legalizing Williams, Toyota, and Brawn, other teams will also be forced to change their diffuser to compete in a fair and strict with three teams.

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