Minggu, 01 November 2009

Cancer Threatens Developing Countries

Chairman of the Indonesian Cancer Foundation Adiati Arifin M Siregar warned, the threat of cancer cases in developing countries, including Indonesia has increased.
"The International Agency for Cancer Research says about 50 percent to 70 percent of cancer cases will occur in developing countries, including Indonesia," said Arifin Adiati during the inauguration committee Cancer Foundation Indonesia Branch West Kalimantan Pontianak period in 2009-2014.
Factors triggering the world's population pyramid changes both in number and age distribution. Then the transition of cancer risk factors from developed countries to developing countries.
According to him, the condition was also aggravated the lack of public knowledge about cancer and the means for early detection.

Indonesia Cancer Foundation focused counseling for 10 types of cancer, cervical cancer, breast, liver, lung, skin, nasopharynx, lymph nodes, colon and hot trophoblast disease.
"The cigarettes are also a concern because it became one of the causes of cancer," said Arifin Adiati.
Indonesia Cancer Foundation Center provides compensation for cancer drugs for patients who can not afford with a budget of Rp100 million per month.
West Kalimantan Provincial Government Regional Secretary said the growth Syakirman disease is not contagious, one of cancer, a major challenge for every region.
"Increased life expectancy, can overcome some infectious diseases, and lifestyle triggers morbidity and mortality are not infectious diseases," said Syakirman.
The pattern of life that increases exposure to risk factors, including smoking, lack of exercise, stress, eating foods high and low in fiber is weak, and environmental conditions worse.
"About 70 percent of new cases of cancer was found in an advanced stage condition," said Syakirman.
He acknowledged the treatment of disease and early detection of cancer is not fully given priority in the various policies and government health programs.

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