Senin, 02 November 2009

Plengkung Beach a place for A great Surfer

For you who athletic devotee of surfing wishing a experience which cleanse adrenalin, stand by to pay a visit to a coast in East Java
A moment forget about Bali, momentary forget inviting wave in crowded Kuta with all foreign and also local surfer. Stand by for Coastal to try of Pelengkung beach, Banyuwangi, East Java
Known as G-Land possible do not as beautiful as coasts in Bali, but if You envision ferocious and big wave, hence this is precise choice to be packed into list of is target of Your vacation.

Coast of Plengkung located 87km from Banyuwangi, to reaching it even also do not too difficult. From Banyuwangi, you earn to use motor vehicle go to countryside of Trianggulasi with time go through 2,5 hour
Afterwards, drawing up your foot/feet to go through journey as far as 12km ( 4 journey hour), considering motor vehicle do not be permitted to pass this area for the shake of taking care of it's

To which wish to Plengkung without straining after, You earn to use boat speed of Town of Grajakan or from Benoa Denpasar. Travelled distance very depend on natural factor, that is wave and weather

Wave in this coast it is said equivalent almost with three best coast in the world, owning long wave, high, hard and big, that is Oahu ( Hawaii), Fiji, and Tahiti. Third of him reside in Great Pacific.

Length wave G-Land can reach 2km and height can reach 6m. So ossify, it can break board as fluent as weared by all surfer
All surfer of board of world even also have tried this wave ferocity in Quicksilver Pros event which is successively performed by at 1995-1997. but the economic Crisis darling and riot which knock over this country make the the event moved to other state.

Besides Plengkung, You also can visit coast ‘ its neighbour’ that is located Coast Fount 8km northside G-Land. Referred as by Fount because here there are a river emiting a stream of during the year go to precipitous coast so that form douche
Do not far from there, there are Coast of Trianggulasi presenting sandy coast turn white. It is said view of sun sink this area do not fail with sunset [in] Land;Ground Lot
You can also pay a visit to Coast of Ngagelan located 5km westside. This is turtle landing-place coast to lay eggs. Don'T overcome to stop by to Segoro Child, Coastal of Big knife of Ireng and Coast Stone of Lawang. Guaranteed, you'd inspire to again to have the day off there. Await what else, load up You and enjoy vacation in Peninsula of Blambangan.

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