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Formula 1: Participants Old Loss, The Successor Doubtful

Driver Has Only Nine Contract

2010 season begins in March next year, but the situation in Formula 1 is very critical. Old teams began to fall out, new teams are still in doubt. What will happen next?

After Toyota's withdrawal, there are 13 teams registered for the Formula 1 in 2010. If in the near future Renault also retreated, then the amount is still 12, will display 24 cars. Still more than 2009 this season, which only followed by the ten teams, down 20 cars.

But was at least 12 teams will compete? Until now, there are still doubts that amount. Of the four new teams that had been cleared, not all of them believed to be survive and appear in the series opener, in Bahrain, in March next year.

Should be able to come down in the series opener was, not all believed to be survive until the end of the 2010 season.

And do-do, there is still time to join the team in trouble, so it would fall out and get out of F1.

Like it or not, F1 must admit that current conditions are critical. There is no means no. Exist does not mean more. Not believe? Look at the list of participants and the drivers that accompany this article. Total, only nine drivers who will hold the contract for 2010.

Only nine of a total of 24 cockpit that should be available!

If you want more critical again, not all of which have signed the contract was safe. Robert Kubica, the Polish star was about to race for Renault, it still had to seek shelter "reserves." Although he had signed a contract with Renault, there is no guarantee his team would continue. If the boss says Renault back before the end of 2009, then signed a contract that Kubica had no more meaning.

Another whose signature is not necessarily effective Bruno Senna. The late Ayrton Senna's nephew was going to live debut with new team Campos Meta. But, if Campos was canceled Meta appear, so he still had to find another job.

So, to be honest, only seven drivers who really safe for 2010!

How many numbers would actually racing next year? Until now, no one dared to predict. With any luck, 26 cars. If you continue to fall, do-not less than 20.

Ferrari, the most popular teams in F1, including the most dubious of new teams in 2010. According to the official website Horse Jingkrak, Manor, Lotus, USF1, and Meta Campos will not be able to replace the important names such as Honda, BMW, Bridgestone, and Toyota.

"We have to see next year, will we see the same number of participants in Bahrain for the first series in 2010. And, we see how many can survive until the end of the season," so writes the Ferrari website.

Between the rows of new teams, who most doubt? The most mentioned name will be missing is USF1. Ross Brawn, Brawn-Mercedes boss who went on to become world champion in 2009, including the creation team questioning the existence Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor is.

Brawn surprised, until now USF1 kok tests have not hit to his 2010 car. "We've done that in the past two months, to prepare for the official test session. The new team should also have done the same thing if you want to be ready to face the beginning of next season," Brawn said, as quoted Blick German.

Of course, the USF1 was loudly saying next year will appear. Presence of a founder YouTube Chad Hurley as an investor known as a strong start.

"We will find the revenue to make this a great business. The earnings may not be much in the first years. But I did not join in the short term. We look forward 20 years," said Hurley.

Including this November, there are still four months before the roar of new cars in F1 again be heard in February 2010. During these four months, follow the continued development of "health" F1. Before closing the year, we'll know how long the team survived. After that, we wait until February, to see how the new team to survive. (*)

Development of New Teams



Including the most dubious. Reportedly, 60 new staff are paid per month without a contract. Reportedly, their contracts with the Cosworth engine trouble. Some time ago, the FIA had checked the condition of the headquarters in Charlotte, United States, and was satisfied. But there is no sign of cars built or significant progress the team. The team is quite good at "talk," commented a lot of things diligently to show existence. However, there is not necessarily the substance.



New Lotus Lotus is not the legendary old (who had lowered Jim Clark and Ayrton Senna). But, in Malaysia berfondasi team has enough credible team ranks. There is a great designer Mike Gascoyne, and chassis production process has begun with the help of Fondtech in Italy. Gascoyne said, his department is now looking for two experienced drivers. Jarno Trulli is a strong candidate. The second cockpit can be filled by Jacques Villeneuve, Christian Klien, or kamui Kobayashi.



Manor had a pretty reputable designer. He is Nick Wirth, former F1 team boss Simtek technical and Benetton boss. To save costs, and demonstrate technological capabilities, this team built a car without wearing wind tunnel (wind tunnel) at all. The whole process of design and research using computer simulation. The first chassis is scheduled to be the end of this November, ready to fall in February 2010. Lucas On Grassi, GP2 star, called a candidate Manor drivers. Oh yes, Manor is already able to sponsor a large, Virgin, which last season Brawn support.

Campos Meta


The team owned by former F1 driver Adrian Campos is the first to sign the drivers. No half-hearted, they can be young drivers who have big names, Bruno Senna. With funding support from the government Murcia in Spain, plus the help of producers making chassis famous Italian racing car, Dallara, this team looked solid against the early 2010 season.

Teams and Drivers row 2010

Brawn-Mercedes * Jenson Button, Nico Rosberg *

Red Bull-Renault ** Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber

McLaren-Mercedes Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen *

Ferrari Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso

Williams-Cosworth Rubens Barrichello, Nicolas Hülkenberg

Sauber-Ferrari Nick Heidfeld *,?

Renault *** Robert Kubica, Timo Glock *

Force India-Mercedes * Adrian Sutil, Vitantonio Liuzzi *

Toro Rosso-Ferrari Sebastien Buemi *, Jaime Alguersuari *

Manor-Cosworth Lucas On Grassi *,?

US-Cosworth F1 ?,?

Campos Meta-Cosworth Bruno Senna?

Lotus-Cosworth Jarno Trulli *,?


* = Not sure. New nine cyclists have a formal contract for the F1 2010 season.

** = Red Bull would not use Renault engines

*** = Renault still might resign before the closing years

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