Rabu, 04 November 2009

Mafia Jurisdiction Opened in Conference of MK

Although judicial review related to test article 32 paragraph (1) c of mention, led the Commission to stop or be dismissed because the defendant for a crime a crime, the Court granted the request for applicant to open the record as evidence.

Recordings from telephone intercepts and Anggoro Anggodo technocrats was divided into 10 sub chronology. Mid-conversation happened July 24, 2009 until August 21, 2009. The alleged telephone receiver several government officials and police investigators, prosecutors, lawyers, and people trust and Anggoro Anggodo.

Surprising fact that the sound captured from Anggodo allegedly angry at someone mid-July 28, 2009. "Susno it from the beginning as I went to him ga Singapura.the important thing is Susno have a business that investigators pack. The important thing is he who cofenssion that he order to bribe Chandra, it wrote," exclaimed Anggodo. Further long debate to match the scenario in prosecution timeline for seed-Chandra.

In another recording session, also revealed no involvement of deputy coordinator of the Witness Protection Agency and the initials Victim Kt. Anggodo request to obtain protection guarantees if he revealed the Chandra trapping scenario. Kt was asked return trips abroad.

Later in the demand for compensation, it was revealed there was an offer rewards for lawyers who memback-up Anggodo and Anggodo Rp 7 billion. And demand 'duren' or 20 dos sabu-sabu government officials from the police. After the recording duration was 4.5 hours of playing, the Chairman of the Commission while Hatorangan Tumpak Panggabean requested the Court to return to the Commission. "The tape is our files," he said. But, the Commission also expressing full transcript of the Court record.

MACHFUD MD Chairman of the Constitutional Court also stated that they had recorded the entire dialogue. Then, he explained is not the authority of the Constitutional Court to determine the true contents of the tape. "But, the wider community and the police and intelnya have heard," he said. This means that there is no intention to cover the legal evidence. Living through the legal process further with the trial from government response, next Wednesday (4 / 11) at 14:00 pm.

After that, Bibit Samad's attorney Riyanto and Chandra M Hamzah, who represented Bambang Widjojanto stated three requests to the Constitutional Court, after playing a recording of evidence points KPK.Tiga cases revealed Bambang, the first testimonial evidence Antasari Azhar goods are common in the Commission and is now in hands of police after a search conducted. "To that end we request that the evidence was secured," said Bambang.Kedua, pngacara team begged there for protection Chandra M Hamzah.

This request refers to a conversation recorded between Anggodo and one man in the Java language that says it will eliminate the third point Chandra.Kemudian lives, he added, there are many officials involved and mentioned in the tape. He worried that they menghilagkan potential evidence.

Meanwhile, it Menkumham Patrialis Akbar recorde playback rate that no material relevance to test the proposed article. "I just tell this as a note to the president," he said when met after the hearing. He could not even determine the next steps in this case. Because he needs to clarify with a few more parties. But, Patrialis see this tape playback can be early evidence of the police investigation.

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