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Barack Obama: A Pocket Biography of Our 44th President

Oxford University Press, 80 pages
The American people's admiration for and perhaps pride in their 44th president is nothing new, and has resulted in a plethora of articles and books, not to mention the introduction of such terms as "Obamanomics".
Adding to this collection is this practical pocket book, handy for easy reading while traveling. Despite its size, it contains all the important information on the current US president.

The book comprises four chapters: an introduction, acquaintance with Barack Obama during the campaign, a bibliography, and Obama's full speech on his official nomination by the Democratic Party.
For readers in Indonesia, the most appealing account is in Chapter 2 where little Barry describes the muezzin's call to dusk prayer from a mosque near his home in Menteng "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset".
However, the author pointedly notes that Obama did not attend a madrassa (Islamic school).
Obama's memories of Indonesia certainly generate a special impression in the hearts of Indonesian citizens, particularly residents of Jakarta.
In his speech accepting his presidential candidacy before the Democratic Party convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on March. 18, 2008, Obama said he had ".lived in one of the world's poorest nations" - none other than Indonesia. Therefore, Obama is not only the first black president of America, but also the first to have spent part of his childhood in another country, let alone in Southeast Asia.
The book Barack Obama : A Pocket Biography of Our 44th President is capable of serving as an inspiring traveling companion. In addition to its popular and digestible style of writing, Obama's speech is worthy of study.
Furthermore, the final part of his message in the Democratic Party convention seems to be an illustration of his mother, Ann Dunham, who promoted the empowerment of women through micro credit programs, in the same way as Muhammad Yunus, the founder of Grameen Bank, a social justice fighter and friend of the grass-roots movement is an
idol of Barack Hussein Obama Jr, present president of the United States

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